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Street class 

Season 2:

The Student Shutdown

With Onyi Okoli, Nneka XOXO, Jeanell Sunshine, David Bell, & Ray Morency



1.) We shutdown who society says we are and refuse to allow anyone to define us.

2.) We seek our own truths - whatever that may be

3.) And do so happily.

4.) We acknowledge others living in their light.

5.) And uplift those who need to find their own.

6.) We are not afraid to shine light on those who lost their way. -Or in other words...A.K.A...

 In Street Class, we put some folks on    BLAST!



The Students


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Onyi Okoli

ONYI OKOLI (“Own-Ye” “Oh-Cool-Lee”) was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland aka Baldimore aka Bmore- she's not afraid to rep her city!  Onyi wrote and toured her one woman show called Charmed, I'm Sure to sold out audiences.  You can catch Onyi performing monthly with her Boogie Manja sketch team The Diva at The PIT Loft.


Nneka xoxo

Hi guys! I'm Nneka a fashion and music enthusiast here to educate you on everything pop culture and current events. As a true millennial I'm here to ensure we all remain as woke as possible and to call the whites out on their bullshit. No time for bigots here - we got work to do. Class is in session!  

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Jeanell sunshine

Jeanell Allen is an actress, singer, writer and improviser from Orlando, Florida. She graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in drama in 2012. You may have seen her on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Law & Order: SVU and more. Look out for the launch of her YouTube channel JEANELL SUNSHINE, premiering in late summer 2017.


ray 'n david

Ray Morency is a New York based improviser, freestyle rapper, and producer. In October 2015 he created the first Hip Hop Improv Jam called "OFF TOP." He can be found throughout the city improvising and spreading his love for Hip Hop. David Bell is a NYC actor and improviser.  David loved to bring his unique point of view and passion to everything he does but if there was one way to describe him it would be: Skrange

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The Class


Onyi Okoli, Nneka XOXO, Jeanell Sunshine, David Bell, & Ray Morency will teach you how to master these streets by keeping you up- to-date with the latest & the greatest. Onyi isn't afraid to give Detention when she spots lies or inappropriate behavior.  Nneka XOXO & Jeanell Sunshine will put you on blast if they think you're being racists. Ray 'N David 'bout to enlighten you on this hip hop game & more.  With monthly quizzes and invited guests, these students will keep you entertained. Start your work week off right with New 30 Minute Episodes Every Monday Morning!


Check Out Street Class' Theme Song

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News & Updates




Ain't nobody fresher than my Clique! Clique! Clique! Clique! Clique! Nneka XOXO, Jeanell Sunshine, Ray Morency, & David Bell have been newly added as co-hosts of Street Class Season 2.  Get ready for some tell it like it is, in yo' face, "skrange" debates on Street Class Season 2: The Student Shutdown.


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